Club Soirté transforms your beauty experience with a fresh take on how you access your favorite beauty establishments, whether you are a client who knows exactly what they want or want to explore the options available to you in the market. Acting as a specialized beauty agency with a detailed platform of stylists, establishment profiles and services, Club Soirté aims to assist you in making the right decision, whatever your beauty need may be. As a channel of discovery, Club Soirté ensures that you are always fully informed about the options available to you, and beyond this function, provides a quick, convenient reservation system with guaranteed best offers and a highly flexible time slot management function. If you are a salon, spa or wellness/medical aesthetic center, Club Soirté offers unparalleled exposure and mileage for your services by profiling all its key attributes including pricing structures. The unique and centralized user base of visitors assures that the exposure provided by Club Soirté converts them to clients and a loyal following. Founded by a young entrepreneur with a daring vision to streamline the beauty industry; Club Soirté is the first service offering made by Soirté Links (Pvt) Ltd. The brand strives to position itself as an exclusive beauty agency, dedicated towards alleviating the industry to its highest potential. Discover the newest beauty experience as well as Sri Lanka’s only beauty reservation engine to revolutionize the local landscape. 

Why Us?

For Clients

Fully automated reservation engine for real-time reservations. 

First-click-first-serve Hot Seat reservations and other exclusive perks for registered members.

Fully detailed list of stylists/therapists and beauty services. 

Value added service provisions including a partnered transport provider, Kangaroo Cabs.

Convenience of use and mobile accessibility for reservations.

Timely reminders and push notifications prior to and post all appointment bookings! 

For Partner Operators

Unparalleled exposure for offered services and expertise of staff members.

Introduction of an innovative revenue channel to avoid reservation vacancy.

Opportunity to fill last-minute reservation slots via Hot Seats. 

Detailed reservation reports and sales figures.

A centralized hub for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Assurance of fewer no-shows via the online payment mechanism.

Federated, multi-tenant access to a centralized reservation platform.

Role-based access control. 

Maximum visibility and brand presence in targeted client segment through paid advertisements on the Club Soirté website. 

Club Soirte offers the above key features and many more for our privileged Clients and Partner Operators.


General User

This is our basic subscription model which requires no registration fee. Users create their unique login ID's to access the reservation engine and its full benefits. 

Gold User

These assisted registered users are typically over the age of 60 years or those without access to the internet. They prefer for their user profile to be maintained by the salon or spa front-desk staff in order to access the reservation engine and its full benefits. 

Guest User

Guests are visitors to the website hoping to look aroud before signing up. While a sign up is strongly recommended we are able to provide our guest users with temporary access credentials to try out the reservation engine in the hope that they too will become a registered user.


What are these different user classifications on the website and how do I make a new booking?

It depends on what kind of booking you want to make which is in line with the different user classifications. We suggest every client registers as a General or Gold member, but they can also book as a Guest user. A Guest user is a temporary user profile created for the particular appointment booking and is made on behalf of the client by the Salon or Spa front-end staff especially when new to the site and its features. These bookings expire in 3 hours and require a payment in that time. General and Gold clients are classified as members with permanent user profiles, having saved their preferences, purchasing history and so on under the ‘My Profile’ tab, therefore, registering as either is what we encourage keeping in mind that a Gold user is a member who is over 60 years of age or one without access to internet. Gold client profiles are maintained by their respective establishment front-end staff so the client is able to make his/her bookings by contacting them. 

The user can choose from many different ways to make a booking. One can search their preferences, whether it is the name of the desired stylist, treatment or establishment for instance in the search bar of every page within the site and then view a list of filtered search results and even further filter using the refine search feature. A second way to search preferences is via the quick search category buttons on the homepage titled salons, spas, wellness/medical aesthetic centers to view and select our partner operators under each of those categories. A third method of selection is via the partner operator ribbon on the bottom of every page. Users ultimately fall on to an establishment page or stylist/therapist page where their profile information is displayed and the user thereby selects the desired treatment(s) and makes his/her preferred date and time selection from the calendar. The user is then lastly directed to payment. One can begin the booking process after registering on the site or register once the treatment selection has been confirmed – we leave it to the convenience of the user.

What methods of payment are available to me and how do I get a refund in the event of a cancellation?

Payments can be made online via Credit Card or on site in cash or Credit Card depending on the payment method each establishment offers. Refunds will be made according to their individual refund policies. 

How do I check my booking’s status? 

Confirmed or unconfirmed bookings will be communicated to the client via Email and SMS alerts if they have opted for these in their ‘My Profile’ tab. Email and SMS alerts are sent as status messages.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation SMS and Email for confirmed bookings.

How can I cancel my booking?

Prior to payment - If you have made a booking but have not yet made payment then you could go to the shopping cart and delete it. Post payment - Call the relevant Salon or Spa and communicate the cancellation request. Refunds will depend on their individual refund policies. 

I am experiencing login issues!

If you have forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ in the login window and a link will be emailed to you to reset the password.

How can I change the time of my booking?

The time of an appointment cannot be altered. If payment hasn’t been made, the booking in the cart needs to be deleted and the client must proceed to making a new booking. If payment is made, the client must call the relevant Salon or Spa and inform them of the cancellation request and proceed to making a new booking.

What is ‘Consultation. Adv payment’ listed at the end of some treatment names on the treatment list?

When the total cost of a treatment cannot be determined prior to completing the treatment it falls under the consultancy category. The client must make an advance payment determined by the relevant Salon or Spa within 24 hours either online or at the premises if it is a cash payment and the balance fee upon treatment completion. 

Can I purchase individual Salon or Spa Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be purchased and redeemed online. Such online purchases cannot be redeemed on site at the Salon or Spa premises. 

How can I unsubscribe from news alerts?

Visit the ‘My Profile’ tab and click ‘Edit’; from there you can unsubscribe to Email and SMS alerts.

How can I edit my profile details?

Go to the ‘My Profile’ tab, scroll down and click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the page. 

How can I give feedback to an establishment or treatment?

Go to the Salon or Spa page and scroll down to the comments box to leave a comment. A Salon or Spa can also be rated on their page.

What are Hot Seats? 

A Hot seat is a limited time promotional booking created by the Salon or Spa which clients can purchase on the website independently or through Salon/Spa personnel. These are non-refundable bookings for which payments need to be made online. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of a Hot Seats booking? 

Payments need to be made online (Onsite cash and Credit Card payments at the premises are not applicable).

The bookings cannot be altered in any way.

These bookings will be taken on a first-click first-reserve basis.

All payments related to Hot Seats are non-refundable.

How can I become a partner operator establishment if I’m interested in becoming one?

Leave a message on our ‘Contact Us’ page with your details and we will get back to you.