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Ancient and spiritual traditions believe that the body and soul are connected to the soles of our feet. History from various cultures around the world has shown that devotees touch, wash or kiss the feet of their teachers and elders as a way of showing love and respect. Healing traditions of China, India and the Middle East recognizes that the feet serve as mirrors of our overall well-being. So come… indulge in one of our carefully crafted foot experiences which were designed to alleviate stress, fatigue, strengthen the immune system and reduce emotional distress whilst giving your feet a pampering royal foot treatment like no other. Using hands and palms to calm the mind, body and soul dates back to several centuries before our time, where the concept of touch with refined skills, elaborated by tradition, were used to help balance the body and spirit in order to achieve inner peace and harmony. We have used these traditional methods combined with the island’s finest aromatic products to carefully craft our Mind and Body Treatments that will aid with relaxing the mind, rejuvenating the skin and providing good health in order to boost the immune system. Choose from our selection of Zen Island Mind and Body treatments and nurture your mind, body and soul and indulge in a relaxing experience like no other.


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