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About Us

Club Soirte is a service provider of a streamlined, reliable and user friendly reservation system and App. It presently collaborates with reputed Salons, Spas, Wellness and Medical Aesthetic Centers. It's revolutionary reservation system brings about a convenient approach, to making an appointment for your requirement/requirements from any establishment under Club Soirte. These establishments go on to display profiles of their Stylists or Therapists available on appointment. This option is helpful if you require the assistance of any one of them in particular. As a Value Added Service, Club Soirte offers "Hot Seat" offers made available to its members. This unique opportunity offers discounts on occasion, with our partners. Last but not least we also offer services of a Transport Provider - Kangaroo Cabs. Thus, Club Soirte offers you a complete booking experience, in the capacity of a Beauty Agent. We wish and ensure you a convenient and reliable service experience at all times!


"I found that Club Soirte gives ample choice when it comes to making beauty related appointments, and I like that since I don't have one particular place or stylist that I go to for what I need done. Also, I'm always busy between my class schedules and events, so this is a great model for us busy-bodies and those who are also looking to try out someplace new"


- Krishani George, Founder, Stretch and Tone by Krishani George

"For guys, it's especially comforting to know that there's a service offering that allows us to make our appointments through an online platform. It's easy, convenient, fault-free, and more importantly for me, I appreciate that I'm actually getting the person I booked with at the exact time I booked them!"


- Charith De Silva, Co-Founder, Maic & TC

"I'm always on the go, traveling overseas and on on the phone, so Club Soirte paid bookings are just clicks away and convenient for me. It's great for those of us who do a lot of purchasing via a mobile phone or tablet!"


- Rukshi Fernando Seneviratne, Founder, Rum Punch